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We help you get the best string and service for your racket, so you can get back to court as quickly as possible.

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The platform for racket sports players, stringers, couriers and clubs.

RACKETSTRINGERS is the only platform that focuses on the service and distribution of tennis, squash and badminton rackets. We ensure this by taking the stakes of players, stringers, couriers and clubs into account and connect them all digitally. This creates an efficient network, in which everybody wins.

As a player, you are always playing with a freshly, professionally strung racket. As a stringer, you're earning extra income. As a courier or delivery partner, you'll be increasing your customer base. And finally, as a club, you'll be increasing your service offering to your local community.

Ready to play?

Do you want to string rackets?

Looking for an interesting skill to learn, while earning some extra money on the side? If you enroll in our training sessions, you'll be stringing rackets for clients in no time. We are looking for passionate workers in Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Do you want to deliver rackets?

Do you enjoy cycling around the city and delivering, while earning some extra money on the side? Why not start delivering rackets then! Our clients are looking for passionate couriers like yourself to pickup and return their rackets, taking good care of them in the process. Sounds like you?

Do you want to store rackets?

Believe it or not, rackets are everywhere to be found. Not surprisingly, they need to be stored in a lot of places too. That's why we are looking for new Racket Hubs, where we can store and administer the rackets for our clients. There is even a bit of extra money to be earned, that can add up to nice sum. We like to hear from you, clubs and retailers!