Ok, so you’ve saved up some precious money and did manage to buy your (first) racket stringing machine. Congratulations! This makes you part of the club and now you can start building your skillset. However, one skill you’ll have to master is one that has not much to do with tennis, badminton or squash but rather with mechanics and machine parts. It is an inevitable part of stringing: stringing machine maintenance. In this article I’ll walk you through some options to source the best replacement parts for your machine.

There is no way around it, we’ll start our way with the somewhat unpleasant user interface design of Amazon. Gamma actually has quite some machines on there, just like Tourna and Klipper. They also got some basic accessories like a tension meter and dust cover from Gamma. There are also some flying clamps that should work on a lot of table top machines (like Pro’s Pro). Another part that has to be replaced often is the L-shaped cantilever, which you can also find there. There is also a nice floor stand from Gamma, which I’ll do a review on soon. One thing you don’t want to neglect is getting a pair of badminton racket load adapters, which spread the tension across a badminton frame. If you don’t use it, chances are you’ll probably crack a frame. Not the end of the world if is it your own, but you’ll really want to avoid that when working with client frames.

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