We think getting a restring for your rackets should be way better and faster.

That’s why we build a platform to connect players with stringers. Via our website you’ll be able to find and compare racket stringers all across the world and near you. Then, you can easily buy products and book an appointment with the racket stringer of your choice, get your racket back in no time and head back to court! Finally, leave valuable feedback with your experience of the service and help others in our passionate racket sports community. Satisfied with the result? Log in and just order again. Easy does it, right?

Racket sports player and looking for a fresh set of strings?

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get a new, freshly strung racket? We understand and we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Are you playing at your local club? Or at a tournament at the other side of the country? That should not be a problem as our community is build upon the services of passionate racket stringers all across the country and even the globe. You can easily find, compare and book racket stringers and get your racket restrung as quickly as possible.

Racket stringer and looking for a great customer base?

We are all about matching passionate players with passionate racket stringers. We are convinced that by focusing on great customer experience, customers will start to focus on you and your business. The first step is making sure you can be found by joining our platform. Creating a profile and becoming a vendor on our platform is very easy and totally in your hands. Of course, we are happy to help.

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