Quick guide on how to prepare your racket for Pickup by Returnista

Great news! Your racket packaging is on it’s way to your doorstep or you might have already received the package. You’re one step closer to getting back to court as soon as possible using the services of our racket stringing community.

Allright, so now what?

Please read trough our quick guide down below on how to prepare your racket for Pickup by Returnista. It’s really easy and done in a couple of steps. Once you have received your racket packaging, you can plan a Pickup via Returnista.

  1. Check your package contents

    Once you have received your package with items to prepare your racket(s) for shipment via Returnista, it’s best to lay them out on a table and check if you have everything. In the package you’ll find: an envelop with basic instructions, a shipment bag, an air cushion bag and an elastic band. Please check if you have enough items for the number of rackets you wish to get restrung. Please note that two rackets can be fitted in one shipment bag.

    It’s best to lay out all your items on a flat table to check if you have everything and prepare your rackets quickly.
  2. Fold your racket into a cushion bag and tighten it

    Now open the cushion bag and place your racket so that you can easily fold it together. Now fold the sides around the handle and use a elastic band to tighten the sides together. Then fold the the sides around the racket head and use some basic adhesive tape to seal it, like in the picture below. Now your racket is well protected for shipment!

  3. Place your racket(s) within the shipment bag

    Once you have package each racket of your order with cushioning plastic, you can place them in the white shipment bag. Please remember that the shipment bags are designed to fit a maximum of two (2) rackets! Place your racket(s) so that it’s put to side of the bag and positioned diagonally in the bag. If you fit two within one bag, this way you end up with a “cross” pattern.

    Place your racket(s) inside the white shipment bag. Please note how they are placed to the side in a diagonal, cross pattern to easily fit in the bag and allow for the seal to be folded onto the package.
  4. Seal your racket package

    Once your rackets are placed correctly in the shipment bag, you can take of the seal of the upper adhesive band and fold it carefully onto the package. Please make sure you press it firmly but carefully over the full width of the package so that it leaves no gaps. Your package is now sealed properly and do a final check on your package before confirming your Pickup in the Returnista dashboard.

  5. Confirm your Pickup by a courier via the Returnista dashboard

    Once you have prepared your packages (for example, two packages in total if you want to have four rackets serviced), you can visit
    https://racketstringers.returnista.nl/ and select the first available option for Pickup. The process is really easy and speaks for itself. Please remember to carefully select the correct amount of packages you want a courier to Pickup (so again for example, two packages if you have an order of four rackets). Optionally, you can drop off your parcel(s) yourself at a nearby drop-off point, if that better suits your schedule.

Congratulations! If you have confirmed your Pickup via the Returnista dashboard a courier is now on it’s way to pickup your rackets so that we can restring them as soon as possible. Please carefully package your racket(s) but remember that the courier will bring the shipment label.
You don’t have to print a shipment label yourself! 

That’s it for now! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to use the chat or give us a call at 085 200 7117. If you have specific questions about your Pickup you can contact Returnista directly via support@returnista.nl.