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The complete guide on Babolat tennis string patterns

Did you ever wonder how to find the exact string pattern for your racket? Were you ever stuck in the middle of restringing an older racket for a client and wondering where to tie off? Of course you have! Everybody has at least a couple of times in their stringing careers. No need to dwell on that, but it would be great if there was a resource for you to check once in a while, right?

Down below you’ll find my complete guide on string patterns. If new frames are released, they will be added to this database as soon as possible. Can’t find a pattern or are you missing a frame? Contact me via 

1 thought on “The complete guide on Babolat tennis string patterns

  1. Beste,

    ik kan de complete gidsen van de snarenpatronen nergens vinden.
    kun je me een beetje wegwijs maken?

    Alvast bedankt!

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